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[aka] the things that help me maximize food storage in my RV


I love to cook and enjoy good food. My RV is one place I get the time to do both . . .

So it should come as no surprise that I have a love / hate relationship with my teeny tiny refrigerator. I love that I have one – I hate that it’s so small. After testing out a gajillion different things for storage [OK – 97 to be exact] these are the things that have worked really well for me. You can see the video HERE and pick up a few tips along the way.

Single Shelf Large Bin

My fridge is tricky to get into – this allows me to load food into it easily and to find what I’m looking for comfortably – without keeping the door open and letting all the cool air out. When I get home after a trip I just grab this and take it inside to empty my RV fridge – EASY PEASY! *These can also be used on the bottom of the fridge – the smaller bins I show in the video are CoreKitchen #12280 measuring 8x10x4 which appear to have been discontinued – they can sometimes be found at Homegoods or Marshalls stores.

48oz Liquid Bottle

My little fridge door has space for 4 bottles and I found that most bottles are short – which is a waste of space – and then I found these! Can you say GAME CHANGER! I have four of them in Betty and they let me haul around a lot of cool liquid.

Liquid Stackables

You may think this is a tad unconventional, but these have been a great way for me to take a bunch of different condiments with me in my tiny little top shelf on the door – they’re liquid tight and great for snacks too.

Squeezy Bottles

For when you want a bit more of your favorite sauce or dressing [pancake batter, scrambled eggs, syrup, honey – should I go on?] Um HELLO! These are tall enough to use all the space available in the top door shelf AND they are super easy to clean.

Bits-n-Pieces Stackables [I use these for LOTS OF THINGS]

I have been using these forever and love that they come in different sizes and can stack as high as you like. Good for snacks, spices, vitamins/pills, nuts and bolts etc. I made a first aid kit for my friend with these and keep Alfie’s treats in them [they fit perfectly in the cubby about the drivers seat].

Snap Together Snap Bins

Great size for snacks and easily snap together – washable, reusable, cane be used with a freezy pack made to size and they fit in skinny spaces.

Ziplock Tubs

These are square [better than round for maximizing space] they stack and hold a lot of stuff. Easy lid placement.

Everything Bags

These stasher bags are a great answer for all your food storage needs – they are washable, freezable, boilerable, keep-anywhere-able and they come in different sizes and colors too. Made of silicone they are extremely versatile.

Fresh Paper

Keeping fresh fruits and veggies at their best is tricky even in the best of refrigerators – these are super easy and can be reused a bunch of times [added bonus is they can be used in any container].

Herb Keeper

I use fresh herbs everyday and even grow them in my RV. These little guys help keep them fresh for a long time and fit in the teeny tiny door. [The one I use has been discontinued but his one looks great too]

Hanging Bags

Great for storing things that can hang in your RV – I use them for fruits and veggies that don’t need refrigeration.

Ice Cubes, Sticks & Tubes

I have not had great success making ice cubes in my super small freezer – but I like to cool off my drinks so I use an assortment of reusable re-freezable cubes, sticks, and long rods [great for wine]

Frozen Treat Magic Maker

I camp a lot in super hot weather so a frozen treat is a welcome reprieve from the heat. The Zoku system has lots of ways to cool things down fast – I use this one for iced coffee drinks [and other yummy treats].

Pull String Chopper

Love this gizmo – it chops and whips, has 3 containers with lids and only takes a couple of pulls on the string to chop a handful of yummy goodness. EDIT* The one I show in my video is no longer available.

Skinny Sponge

These are great to use instead of paper towels – they can be wrung out, washed and keep going for a long time. I use them in my RV fridge to catch the drips and absorb the moisture that inevitably collects all over my food – stick these in your drip tray and keep the water out of the main cavity of the fridge – YAY!

Do you have a favorite travel gizmo for your food storage? Let us know.

Life’s more fun when you’re cooking fresh yummyness . . . enjoy!

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  1. I love your ideas for how to maximize a small fridge! Can you please tell us the dimensions of the ‘Single Shelf Large Bin”? I realize the model you bought is no longer available, but knowing the size will help us track down an equivalent. Thanks!

    1. Hi Susan, the big bin is still available and I think there’s a link to that one. (the smaller ones are the discontinued ones).

  2. Hi. Enjoyed your RV frig space saver ideas. I tried to find the tall squeeze bottles you put in the door, and the stackable baby liquid bottles online, unsuccessfully. Details please?

    I’m going to have an RV soon and will look at your other videos. My rig only has 12 ft of cargo space for me and dog so your practical tips are needed! Thanks.

  3. Do you carry your spices in original containers or have you reduced them to smaller containers? If you have reduced, what are you using? I found your video very helpful and informative. Thank you, Julie

    1. Hi Julie, I do not curry spices in original containers. I like to make my own spice mixes and store those – I have a set of jars (unfortunately discontinued) that fit my tiny cabinet over the sink for the mixes. Anything else I use the tiny plastic bags I showed in the video and keep them in an airtight container. Thanks for your kind words.

  4. Loved your food storage video! So many great tips and items. Thank you for sharing.
    Also, I love your art on your website. Are you the artist? or do you use an app? If so, would love to know which one.

    Thank you!

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