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The gear . . . the gadgets . . . the stuff . . . oh my!

All the essential bits-‘n-pieces you may need to be a happy camper in your RV. If you’re a newbie it can be overwhelming so I thought it would be helpful if I broke it down to things I chose and use and why.

  • RV Fridge Tips Tricks Maximizing capacity

    Food Storage Gear

    Cooking in an RV with a teeny tiny refrigerator? These will help maximize capacity for food storage . . .

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  • Comfy-Cozy-RV-Accessories

    Comfort Gear

    Gear that helps my Hymer Aktiv camper van feel like home. Cozy items that make me feel comfortable and comforted in my traveling nest.

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  • rv-organizing-storage-solutions

    Storage Gear

    One of the ways to be really really happy in an RV is to maximize the space in a manner that makes things easy to find and keeps them safe and…

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  • Essential RV stuff for power

    Power Gear

    Essential RV gear for ELECTRICAL power and keeping it all going strong. This is what I use in Betty [my Hymer Aktiv].

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  • RV-Safety-Gear

    RV Safety Gear

    Being safe while traveling in Betty is all about being prepared. These are the items I keep handy in case I need them and they have saved my bacon a couple…

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  • RV-essential-stuff-for-water-hoses-filters

    H2O gear

    My list of essential RV GEAR for WATER, filters, hoses and more. What I use and why to outfit my Hymer Aktiv campervan RV

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