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Getting personal with Betty . . .

[aka] RV mods and hacks

Do you have a new (or new to you) RV?

YAY – now go ahead and break it.  What . . . wait . . . huh?

Umm, yes, this is the advice I was given when I got Betty and which I chose to ignore, because, well . . .

“In hindsight I realize it was very sage advice and 4 years later I pass it on to you . . .


No, I’m not saying to break something major, but what I am suggesting is this: get over the fear of damaging your RV and start making her yours. Making changes based on personal wants and needs is what makes our vehicles more suitable, and therefor more enjoyable, for us.

Permanent changes are not for the weak of heart and often the best ones are the ones that come with use as we see specific needs for them.

RV Mods, however, don’t have to be grand to be effective – some of my favorite ones are little tweeks that I made to make things easier for myself.

Check out my bits ‘n pieces in this video.

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