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It’s Raining Hymers

[aka - the best reason to own a Hymer Aktiv]

Yes, it was literally raining Hymers on this gloomy, stormy rainswept mountain top  [more like a hill, but mountain top sounds so much more dramatic]

This was my first Hymer Aktiv meetup – actually it was my first RV meetup of any kind and boy was it a doozy.  We all eagerly arrived amid a harsh rainstorm that was unrelenting – and yet it  made no matter to us.  The spirit of the Hymer owner was never more evident than when a group  of people who had never met before rallied together within 5 minutes of meeting to create a shelter from the storm and unanimously got on with the business of bonding, sharing stories, showing each other mods and fixes and clever changes to our units.

These few days in Virginia showed me the best reason to own a Hymer Aktiv – THE PEOPLE!

Thanks to all of you amazing owners who are so generous of spirit, knowledge and camaraderie – I’m proud to be a member of this strong group and hope to meet you all along the way.


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