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[aka] what I use to keep the RV power in tip top shape


as in the things we need to keep your house energized  . . .

If you’re new to all this you may want to watch my VIDEO on how to plug in.

Power cord

These heavy duty power cords have a threaded locking female end [ making the connection into your RV waterproof ] and a handy dandy handle on the male end for super easy gripping. I find 25′ to be long enough, but have a spare extension on hand in case I need it. 

Power surge protector

If you read my post on First Time Stuff, then you know how I feel about this item.  Just get one, period. This is the one I use.

50 amp to 30 amp dogbone adapter

Some campsites only have 50amp power available, if you’re in a campervan, you’ll need an adapter for your 30amp vehicle.  This one has those awesome power grip handles, really nice if your hands are small or achy. 

15amp adapter  [I call this the driveway camping key]

Handy to have for those times you only have a regular building outlet available. This lets you get power into your vehicle [remember to be mindful of your usage here] 

Solar power monitor

This is not a necessary item and most don’t bother, but if you’re curious as to what’s going on with the solar panels then this is fun to have. 

Electricity usage monitor

If you’re boondocking it becomes crucial to know how much power all your bits-n-pieces use and this handy dandy gadget will let you know just how much power that coffee maker you use draws.

Auto Multimeter

For those that like to be a little more hands on, then a multimeter is essential.


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