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[aka] what I use for great RV water


because, you know, we neeeeed H2O and it’s nice when it’s clean  . . .

Drinking water hose

This one is extra tough and great because it’s 20% thicker than most [more resilient, less likely to get holes] and it’s reinforced for maximum kink resistance [you have no idea how bad kinks are].  Of course, it’s BPA and phthalate free.  This is the 25ft size, which I think is fine [they make longer ones].

Extra Collapsible hose  [more of a nice-to-have than a must-have]

I carry an extra collapsible hose which I use additionally if my water source is too far away.  I also use this one for washing the RV or the dog and I like that it’s flexible, and can squish it into a small tub for storage.

Water Pressure Regulator

Don’t even think about not using this – some will say it’s not necessary but I think it is and is it worth taking the chance of a massive amount of damage to the RV because the water pressure was too high . . . I think not !

90˙ hose elbow

This helps keep the hose at the proper angle when it’s connected to the RV, I think it means less stress on all the bit’s-n-pieces and . . . well . . . I’m all for less stress with anything

Water filter – this is the one that I use

I chose this exterior filter because I wanted the water to be clean before it enters my RV – this high volume filter eliminates chlorine and lead with a KDF and GAC process . . . umm, basically – it’s got multiple systems in place to control bacteria growth and filter contaminants – yes please !

Handy dandy tip – use it when you’re washing your RV or auto as it keeps the mineral deposits down

Another similar option

Water filter – this one is very popular

Larger capacity RV water filter lasts an entire season. Greatly reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water. High-flow carbon filter with KDF to help prevent bacteria growth.

Water bandit – this will save your bacon one day

For those times when you have a problem water source, stripped, weird size etc.  This gizmo will save the day, one end slides right over the problem and the other end attaches to your hose – easy peasy [ just remember to keep the water pressure down to ensure that it stays on ].

Berkey Water Filter [great if you spend a lot of time in your RV]

I am sooo happy to see that these Berkey filters have become popular.  Mine is decades old and still going strong – I’ve used this very model in my home all that time and now when I’m spending more that a couple of days in the RV I take it with me.  If I’m only going on a weekend jaunt I use it to fill up jugs that I take with me while leaving the Berkey at home.  This unit includes the additional flouride filters.

Grayl ultralight filter/bottle [great for short trips, hiking etc]

I use this A LOT – it’s basically my go to water bottle that stays with me always, no matter where I am I know I can fill it up with whatever is available and be just fine. It comes in several colors [ mine is black which looks more like dark grey ] and there are 2 different filter types – I use the orange filter . . . because it makes pretty much any water source safe, but if you’re looking to take out odor and remove weird flavor from tap water the blue filter is fine.


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