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[aka] what I use to be safe on the road

Safety Gear . . .

Staying safe has a lot to do with being prepared, these are the things I’ve done, used or keep on hand to that end . . .

Sumo Springs

While technically not a safety issue, I installed SumoSpring bump stops on my Hymer Aktiv campervan. You can read all about that HERE and watch me do it HERE. These make the RV feel more stable in high winds and on curvy roads, which makes me feel much safer on the road. They make them for many different types of vehicles and while this link is specifically for the Promaster Van, it will let you search for the ones specific to your RV, truck or car.

Battery Jump Start Power Pack

If you travel alone I think that this is one of the most important gadgets to have on hand. I had some issues with my RV when I first got it and this gadget saved my bacon on several occasions. This one is strong enough to jumpstart the chassis battery for my RV and can also charge other electronics if I need it. You can see how I jumpstart a Ram Promaster Van HERE.

Tire Inflator

RV tires carry everything along your journey, they work hard and should be checked often.  Checking your tire pressure before every journey is a good practice to get into, and if you have a problem along the road it is really handy to have a tire inflator kit close at hand. I use a Mopar brand which was a gift from Hymer when I purchased Betty. It has the strength for my Class B RV tires . . . so whatever you get, please make sure that it is strong enough for your camper van as some of the units made for cars do not have the PSI strength you need. Check the power cord length to make sure you can reach the rear tires – I like the look of this one as it can also be plugged into the outside outlet of the Hymer Aktiv.

Stuck in the Mud

Umm . . . yes . . . I did indeed get stuck in the mud. After having to be VERY inventive to get out I ordered these – they live in the RV and have also come in handy to level it out when needed.

And that led me to get one of these:

and one of these:

Motion Sensor Solar Lights

I’m very happy to have these when I’m camping – I glued some rare earth magnets on the back of them and that allows me to put them anywhere on the outside of my RV. They light up with motion, which means if someone approaches from outside in the dark I’ll know – I also use them in environments that may have little critters running around at night by placing them underneath the campervan. I keep them on my dash while driving to charge them. Pretty handy.

Bear Spray

When I was going into bear country I researched what to do in the event of a bear encounter. You can read that info HERE. So now I always keep a can of Bear Spray at the ready. Make sure to check the expiration date and replace as needed.

Satellite Phone GPS

Most of the time I am adventuring in areas that have pretty decent cell phone coverage, but there have been those times when I’ve had no service at all, and so I keep this around in case of an emergency. I haven’t had to use it, but it gives me great peace of mind knowing that I have it if I need it. This one also has GPS capabilities which is an added bonus.  [ Please note that you have to get service for this to work so you may want to look at providers and the plans they offer to decide if it’s for you. ]


I really like this GPS – it has a large screen [with split screen that shows me exactly what lane to get into for turns], works when my cell phone doesn’t and lets me program my rv parameters into it so that it can find the best route for me – YES!

I recommend that you watch my VIDEO that explains some practical things I do to feel safer when I’m traveling.

Wishing you all safe, carefree adventures while you explore the world out there . . .

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