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[aka] what I use to keep comfy cozy in the RV


as in the things I use for a cozy comfy RV space . . .

First up for my cozy cocoon would be privacy – my Hymer Aktiv comes with accordion window coverings which do a great job of keeping prying eyes at bay, but that doesn’t include the front cab windows. I made a very simple quick draw curtain that sits just behind the front seats which is the best thing by far I have done in the RV. You can read about that HERE and see how easy it was to do.

Turkish Towels

These were a leap of faith for me when I bought them – they’re pricey, and it would have been a huge letdown had they not worked out. But, I have fallen in love with these giant Turkish Towels! I use them for everything – towel, blanket, wrap, seat cover when muddy dogs invade my space, tent or hammock for Alfie when he needs a nap, you name it – I’ve probably used it for that. I have two of them in Betty and they still look great (and feel even softer) after a year of use.

Travel Pillow

I used to travel a lot – for work and play – and this Yogibo pillow became my constant companion. It zips into a roll for a neck or sleeping pillow and unzips for a back cushion (or, if you’re a shorty like me – just a soft booster cushion). Now I do most of my traveling in Betty and my Yogibo lives there. It’s also Alfie’s favorite thing to snuggle up on.

Air Purifyer & Ionizer

I am one of those people that is allergic to almost every-floating-thing-out-there, and this little gizmo is essential in providing respite from the elements when inside the RV. It helps keep the air free of allergens and odors. And we all know how stale things can get with pets and people in confined spaces. It actually cleans the air as opposed to masking odors with another scent. I like this one because it has multiple power options so if you travel internationally you can take it with you.

Aromatheraphy [I call this the Alfie charmer]

My little rescue dog is anxious by nature – he’s come a long way in our time together, but car travel was a huge hurdle for him to conquer. When he’s anxious, I’m anxious and this magic diffuser plays a big part in keeping us both calmer, plus it just really smells nice having the RV infused with the subtle scent of lavender (that’s what I choose, but you can use any scent you like). I am generally NOT a fan of scent and am overly sensitive to it, so this is perfect because it’s really subtle. It’s small and plugs into a usb outlet – I use it in the cab when driving and move it to the back when we’re just hanging out.

Smooshy Cushy Puffy Blanket

I looove quilts – and this puffy, fluffy cloud of loveliness will keep you warm and cozy, inside and outside. It compresses super small, is durable (made of ripstop with synthetic filling), waterproof, resistant to stains, odors and pet hair. It comes in a bunch of colors and sizes and can be thrown in the washer and dryer.

Neck Massager

At the end of a long day driving I sometimes have lots of aches and pains, especially in my neck and shoulder area. You may think a neck massager like this is a luxury to keep in a small campervan, but you’ll find that the more driving you do for long hours without proper stretching, it will become a necessity. This one is heated – YAY and rechargeable (which is nice if you’re conserving power in your RV) and bonus, it’s easy to clean.

Do you have a favorite travel gizmo for your nest? Let us know.

Life’s more fun when you’re comfy cozy . . . enjoy!

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