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[aka] what I use to keep things organized in the RV


as in the things I use for storage in my RV space . . .

I am a bit of an organizing freak and am often called on to help others find solutions to their organizing issues. So I’m always looking for a better [in my case better = easier and/or more efficient] way to keep things organized. I spent endless hours trying different bits and pieces in my Hymer Aktiv until I settled on these.

Remember, the perfect organization solution is the one that works best for you [while these work best for me you may have different needs].

You can check out my video to some of these HERE.

Cabinet Door Baskets

These are great for a little added easy-to-access storage and they happen to fit on the cabinet doors perfectly – there are two styles that I use – the first has movable baskets that can be arranged on the back plate as needed and the second is a fixed style unit with a movable interior divider.  I like that they are lightweight, strong and easy to clean.

Cutlery Drawer Trays

I carry a lot of little bits and pieces in my cutlery drawer and even though it comes with a storage bin, I wanted the ability to keep more than cutlery in there.  I found these bins happen to be the perfect fit for my drawer and also allow me to slide them so I basically doubled my storage space and still have quick access to everything in there.  They also come in pretty handy in other areas of the RV.

Airtight Containers

There’s a million and one stackable, squeezable, lockable containers out there – and through the years I’ve used and tried a lot of them.  My challenge was to maximize the drawer and pantry space and keep my dry goods safe from critters and fresh as long as possible.  These are the perfect fit for the kitchen drawers [they fit between that spacer] and fit in the narrow pantry cabinet perfectly. I like the flip up/down handle that also acts as an airlock for the lid. They are pricey, but you can find them on sale at certain big box stores every once in a while. Whatever you use just remember that square and rectangle shapes work best – round containers end up with pockets of wasted space.  

Tray / Basket

These are very useful, especially for the Aktiv as they fit in multiple places.They’re the perfect size to “float” on the sliders of the drawers under the bed – super handy because it’s like having another sliding shelf and stuff can store underneath [I’m a huge fan of containers that slide so you don’t have to remove things to get to the bits and pieces underneath].  They fit in the overhead cabinets, in the closet and in the pantry and they work great in the refrigerator too.  They come in different colors, but I like the clear because you see what’s in them with a single glance. They stack well with little feet on the corners that hold them in place.  

My Favorite all around Handy Organizer

You’ll soon discover that there are all sorts of random little bits and pieces that you should have on hand in an RV.  I use hanging jewelry organizers to keep all sorts of things in easy reach – first aid & vitamin kit / sewing & repair kit /  hardware, spare fuses, small tools kit / art & craft supply kit –  anything you may need.  I like these because there are different size pockets and the snap top means I can hang it from the hanger or remove the hanger and roll them. 

RV life’s more fun when you can find your bits-n-pieces fast [all knowing smile]

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    1. Hi Eric, there are links at the bottom of this post and on the You Tube video info. Unfortunately the smaller bins that I mentioned for the bottom are no longer available.

  1. Hello, I found small bins for the bottom of fridge (two fit perfectly side by side 8 in X 10 in X 3 in) in BBB store in Canada.

    Another bin for the second shelf also at BBB. iDesign fridge + freeze binz! 10 in X 14 in X 5 in (sku 81492 73330 0)
    It fits on top of front lip of shelf. A bit tricky to use at first, but when I need to get into the bin, I pull on the bin only, leaving the shelf intact otherwise the shelf comes out of its tracks, very frustrating to get back onto position.

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