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Hula vs Sumo

[aka] I installed SumoSprings on Betty

If you think this is a Hawaii vs Japan meetup . . .

then NO – you would be mistaken – and if you’re into Class B RV’s then you’ve probably heard the chatter about Sumo Springs

” What are they?  Well . . . in my world they’re my magic carpet ride. . .

but technically speaking they are aftermarket bump stops (or springs) that can replace the vehicle’s bump stops and provide

more stability . . . um because who wants all that sway while driving


better towing and load carrying . . . because I haul a lot of stuff


improve overall control and comfort while driving . . . Hello 🙂

Seriously though, they have become quite a popular add on especially for Class B RV’s, (Promasters, Travatos, Hymer Aktivs, Roadtreks, Sprinter Vans Etc.)

Made in the USA from micro-cellular urethane material with millions of tiny air pocket (which means they would still work even if punctured), they come in different colors, which aren’t just pretty, but actually mean something – the yellow is the one for heavy loads, like Betty.

Many of us just put them on the rear and find that sufficient, and I was able to do the install  myself.  Just make sure that your vehicle is stable and secure if you’re wiggling around underneath . . .

they do make coils for the front (The install on those is just a little more complicated)

Here are LINKS for the SUMO SPRINGS  [ they were backordered when I bought mine and they were shipped out a couple of days later – they will also ask you to verify the model year of your vehicle ]

REAR Sumo springs for Promaster 1500 / 2500 / 3500:

FRONT Sumo coils for Promaster 1500 / 2500 3500:

You can also order them for other vehicles as well.

Check out the video or you can go to the SUMO SPRINGS website for detailed info.

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