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Betty went batty and tried to fly . . .

[aka] the RV Awning explained

One of our first boondocking experiences was totally idyllic . . . we were nestled in an open field with nothing around except a bunch of cows . . .

We all idled the day away as Alfie and I took a lovely nap under the shade of Betty’s awning and our nap grew into a deep sleep that night as we were wrapped in silence save an occasional bellow.

” Next morning as we prepared to leave, it was evident that Betty had gone a little batty . . . as in . . . the awning would not retract and it looked like she was trying to fly . . . oh my

With awning flapping we made our way looking for help and did eventually get the awning to retract so that we could keep on going. This visual is far more entertaining after the fact, but it was the inspiration for a HOW-TO video on how to operate the Carefree RV Awning . . .

I show how to actually use the awning and then the secret to retracting it if it gets stuck in the open position.  You’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver and 3/8″ socket wrench as well as the ability to get up to the awning casing on the roof.  THIS gadget can work if no ladder is available. Remove the end cap on the front end and then use the socket wrench to hand crank the awning back into it’s case . . . easy peasy [ you’re welcome ]

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