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there’s a whole lot to love here

Loveless . . . oh contraire

there’s a whole lot to love here

On a recent trip to Nashville, I had not one, or two, but three different friends insist that stopping here would be worth my time,  THREE . . .  couldn’t ignore that now could I ?

A wee bit out of town but a pretty ride along the Natchez Trace Parkway and oh so quietly, there it was –  a shiny beacon of neon signage announcing that I had, indeed, arrived.

While I waited for a table [expect to wait . . a while] I embraced the small town charm exuding all around. Exploring the gift store and ogling the hams hanging country style waiting to be claimed.  A group of bikers who were also visiting for the first time were tickled pink with the MOTORCYCLE ONLY PARKING and we chatted contentedly exchanging travel stories until our names were called.

Once inside I succumbed to the intoxicating hustle and bustle of the business of ordering.  Guided by those around me I ordered the fried chicken and soaked up the giddy sounds of families enjoying the food and the company.

The food was good [absolutely try the biscuits with homemade preserves ] but the experience was amazing and a lovely way to spend the afternoon . . . check it out here.

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