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Sea + Land = YAY

[aka] Sealander Land Yachts

Sealander has finally hit North America . . . yay double yay!

So, living in Florida, I’m always thinking about the whole land / water / versatility / mobility conundrum . . . and in the height of this obsession, research, obsession I found a few options that I’ve been keeping my eye on . . .

and wouldn’t you know it . . . SEALANDER is now available in Canada . . .

These sea worthy land yachts are made to spec in Germany.  Utilizing fiberglass reinforced plastic and stainless steel for stability, they are hand detailed with leather and wood in a nod to the traditional styling of luxury yachts . . .

This little go anywhere, float everywhere, bundle of fun is worthy of a looky-loo

Spec Sheet
*images courtesy of sealander
PS: Other floating beauties coming soon(ish)

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