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[aka] the search for the perfect RV bed

Finding the right RV bed setup is rather like that fairytale . . .

It’s tricky to get it just right and yet OH SO IMPORTANT to have a comfortable resting area – sleep is paramount to good health and good safety – who wants to be driving if you’re tired or distracted from aches and pains.

“Enter . . . the search for the perfect bed – does it exist?

Absolutely . . .

But the thing is, the perfect bed is different for everyone – so figuring out what’s right for you is a bit of a trial and error scenario.

Take for instance the bed that comes in the Hymer Aktiv . . . specifically the mattress.  It’s well made, and obviously good foam structure, and firm . . . 

As in . . . really, really firm . . . which is good . . . for your back, but for some, not so much for comfort.  Ergo, my rabbit hole of “what to do to ensure a great night’s sleep”.

I tried a gel pad . . . didn’t like it,

tried a feather topper . . . didn’t like it

tried a combo waffle whiz bang sparkly blue bits thing-a-jig . . . didn’t like it. 

Tried a self inflating mattress pad – a really fat one from Rei, surprised to find it OK [ it’s now my guest bed ] . . . but still not perfect.

Aaah – that ubiquitous search for perfect [ it’ll drive you . . . um . . . crazy ]

And so it goes . . .

I ended up with a combination of a 4” foldable mattress from LUCID and a large wave gel topper wrapped up like a mummy to hold everything together . . .

Eureka! Now I do feel like a princess when I sink onto my nest for rest.

Check out my video showing the BED MOD I made – new mattress, smaller bed, more room . . . YES!

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