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[aka] making a quick draw RV privacy curtain

Betty draws attention . . . people are curious and while I love to show her off, there are those times that I just want a little privacy . . .

” What to do what to do?

I stared at the curtain divider in the rear of Betty and decided I just needed another rail like that – I tried to order one and the dealership quoted me $74 plus shipping from Hymer . . . I – um – politely told them what I thought of that number . . .

Solution number two was researching RV railing systems . . . and

YES! . . . there was the perfect solution in Texas – Recmar Products made me giddy with possibilities,

but it turns out that shipping incredibly long bits of . . . well . . . anything . . . is expensive [frowny face]

So now I needed to come up with a quick, inexpensive solution that was not permanent and easy to use . . . off to the shops I went and poked around . . . I was lucky, the clearance bin had just the ticket and I scurried home with my trophy . . .

It worked out perfectly . . . YAY double YAY!

This is what I used: Traverse style rod (adjustable 48″ to 66″)

Now I get to play peek-a-boo all day long [smiley face]

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