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go GO go it’s the SUPER SHOW

[aka] my guide for class b rv's at the 2019 Florida RV Supershow

It is SUPERSHOW week everybody . . . soooo exciting – this is where we see the new bits-n-pieces.

Going to the 2019 FLORIDA RV SUPERSHOW? 

Interested in CLASS B RVs?  Only have 1 day?

No problem – this is a sneak peek of my first day at the show.

I came up with a route on the show map that will help maximize your time at the show and help you see all the class B units that are in show this year – and THERE’S A LOT OF THEM . . . yay

Bring cash for parking – try to get your tickets on line ahead of arrival and you may want to pack a lunch for speed and for a more healthy alternative to the offerings on hand. Don’t forget your sunscreen – particularly if you’re not used to the Florida climate.

If this is your first time looking you may get overwhelmed and at the end of the day a bit confused about which units had which features, so it’s always a good idea to bring something to jot down notes or take pictures.

The one thing I pay particular attention to is my initial reaction to being inside – if you’re spending all that money on something you’re gonna spend all that time in – then you’re gonna want to feel good in it . . .

Make sure to write that information down – it’s easy to find out the technical details after the fact on line and even see photo’s to remind you of layout etc, but nothing can provide that gut reaction and tactile feeling of actually being present in a vehicle.

The route I’m recommending this year [2019] takes you to Airstream, Pleasureway, Roadtrek, Midwest, Fleetwood, Hymer, Winnebago, Coachmen, Leisure Travel, Coach House, Embassy and Regency RV.  It’s basically a giant loop that gets you to the accessory vendor halls as well and will be a pretty full day.

Look forward to seeing you along the way . . . enjoy!

You can download my FIRST BLUSH TEMPLATE from HERE



You can see some of my WALK & CHAT Class B RV videos HERE

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